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Since its inception in 1989, Trilogy Associates has served the needs of more than 50 client firms, offering the following services:

Development and critique of business plans and strategies
Characterization of market drivers and adoption dynamics
Identification and evaluation of fitting technologies
Surveillance of competitors and emerging threats
Market-testing of development-stage product concepts
Assessment of clinical value and comparative economics
Support for partnering, acquisition and divestiture initiatives
Quick-turnaround M&A due diligence

Our clients benefit from an unusual blend of market- and technology-based skills and perspectives. Every client problem is viewed multi-dimensionally. We do not employ canned or rehashed solutions.

Trilogy Associates offers the advantages of a modest overhead, as we engage only those resources needed for each client engagement. Our experience and prior relationships encourage the involvement of optimally suited, senior contributors on each project. We do not employ junior staffers for on-the-job training at your expense.

Our clients commonly seek answers to one or more of the following questions:

  1. Given our present circumstances and goals, what's the right business strategy for the next five years?
  2. What new-product opportunities exist to drive our near term growth?
  3. We're unfamiliar with a target market. What are its characteristics, growth prospects and competitive profile?
  4. We are seeking investment or alliance opportunities. Which firms are the best prospects?
  5. We have a new product idea. Is there a market for it? What steps should we take to commercialize it?
  6. With whom can we partner to establish a distribution channel for the revolutionary product we're developing?
  7. How does our technology stack up against present and future competitive offerings?
  8. We have a rough idea for a new product. How can we refine its definition and create a market winner?
  9. How can we quickly build a team to develop and commercialize our new product?
  10. An acquisition is our best choice for rapid growth. Which of these acquisition prospects makes the most sense?

Growth nearly always requires investment, and sources of investment capital usually must be external. We can help. While we do not offer investment banking services directly, we can assist in identifying sources of capital and strategic business partners. We also provide referrals to firms specializing in private financial transactions and public offerings.



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