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From time to time we add to our library of white papers, published articles and presentations to make them available to our Web site visitors. Check out the following topics. (All documents are offered in PDF format.) If you re-use these materials in any way, please do so with appropriate attribution.

Learn more about:

"Trilogy Associates Capabilities in Market Research"
"10 Guidelines for New-Product Definition"
"Optimize Technology Transfer by Understanding Markets and Customer Needs"
"3 Simple Steps to Assure a Great New-Product Launch"
"Quick Screener for New Products"
"Who should lead your innovation process?"
"Medtech Futures"
"The Power of Collaborative Consulting"
"Advice for Startups"
"A Guide to Great Market Research"
"A Screener to Guide New-Product Assessment"
"Gaining Clinical Insight: Physician Panels"
"10 Tips for Conducting Better Product Research with Clinicians"
"Who Do You Call to Assess Business Opportunities?"
"Summaries of Some 2011 Consulting Engagements"
"9 Mistakes That Will Kill Your New-Product Launch"
"A Needs-Driven Innovation Approach to New-Product Definition"
"Top 10 Innovation Killers"
"Voice-of-the-Customer Programs -- The Folding Chair"
"Emerging Medical Device Regulations at the FDA"
"Setting Prices Based on Customer Input: A Fool's Errand?"
"Creating a Business from a Platform Technology"
"Doing Technology Deals ... Suggestions for Greater Success"
"MedTech Suppliers: Leverage Cost Effectiveness Now", MDD Perspectives
"Get Better at Due Diligence: 10 Tips for Improving Your Due Diligence Projects"
"Addressing the New Realities of Tomorrow's Healthcare Environment"
"Opportunities for Healthcare Cost Reduction"
"Generic Process for Economic Comparison of Clinical Methods"
"A Business Development Roadmap"
"Custom Procedure Kits for Competitive Advantage"
"How Our Clients View Us", Findings of an October 2007 Survey
"Gaining Clinical Insight: Physician Interviews"
"Benefits Assessment for New Medical Products"
Webinar: "Validating Your Medical or Life Science New-Product Opportunity", Center for Business Intelligence
"Internal Due Diligence: Key to New-Product Success", Mass High Tech
"ConceptVision: A Successful Way to Communicate Your Technology Concept and Its Business Implications"
"Checklist: Screening Your New-Product Opportunity"
"A Checklist: Assessing New Technologies"
"The Trilogy Approach to Market Research"
A roadmap for opportunity assessment -- our scope of activity
"Validating and Testing Your Idea", MIT Enterprise Forum
"Assessing Commercial Opportunities for New Products", Medical & Healthcare Marketplace Guide
"Validating Your Drug Discovery Opportunity", Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MBC)
"Validating Your (Venture's) Business Opportunity", WPI Bioengineering Institute
"Achieving Business Growth with New Products -- 20 Questions to Answer Before You Commercialize"
"Assessing Markets and Competition -- A Primer", Medical Development Group (MDG)
An introduction to our Biopharmaceutical Consortium (BPC)

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