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Projects :: Product Concepts and Specifications

  • Formulated specifications for a custom image sensor and endoscope design concept for a medical device supplier; defined plug-and-play system capabilities, identified outsourced vendors, and estimated capital expenditures and manufacturing costs.
  • For a producer of diagnostic equipment used in physicians? offices, tested the commercial feasibility of a radically new approach to diagnosing certain respiratory infections by means of noninvasive gas sensing in the mouth, nose and external ear canal.
  • For a supplier of in vitro diagnostic systems for decentralized laboratory testing, provided expert assistance in defining market requirements for a new product, interpreting government regulations of clinical laboratories and pointing out how the regulations would constrain the use and marketing of these diagnostic systems, developing product concepts and design specifications, and designing a user interface for the product.
  • For a producer of vascular access devices, examined current usage of several types of catheters by critical care clinicians and tested the viability of a new product concept.
  • Assessed a range of technologies available for electronic (CD and Web) delivery of business publications, then formulated specifications for adoption and implementation of the selected methods, for a publisher of high-value market research reports.
  • Planned and moderated three focus groups to test customer acceptance of a new baseline product and five option packages for a major producer of laboratory centrifuges.
  • Developed specifications and product concepts for a clinical laboratory blood coagulation analyzer, combining clotting and chromogenic methods, for a leading multinational healthcare firm.
  • Devised and fully characterized three alternative concepts for a high-throughput, random access clinical chemistry system for hospital laboratories to assist our client, a manufacturer of diagnostic products, in meeting customer requirements.


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