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Projects :: Opportunity Assessment

  • Assessed the technical and economic feasibility of several concepts for single-use endoscopes for a supplier of minimally invasive medical devices.
  • Tested the market potential, identified specific clinical indications, and sized the available U.S. market for a new venous access device intended for power injection of contrast agents for contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT) for a producer of infusion devices.
  • For a producer of laboratory tools for drug discovery, characterized market conditions and future demand for equipment used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in combinatorial chemistry for high-throughput applications.
  • For a leading producer of surgical products, identified high-return investment opportunities in tissue engineering, including cell therapy, gene therapy, stem cells, scaffolds, encapsulation, tissue regeneration, immunotolerance, cryopreservation and transplantation techniques.
  • Compiled a situation analysis of opportunities in fall detection, prevention, and protection among elderly and disabled persons for a client firm active in real-time remote subscriber monitoring and support services as part of a corporate diversification initiative.
  • For a venture capital firm, assessed potential research applications and associated business potential of university innovations in laser/optical tweezers and traps.
  • For an offshore plastics manufacturer, identified and assessed opportunities in polymeric devices for drug discovery and diagnostics. Applications in microfluidics, protein microarrays and value-added microplates were investigated.
  • For a producer of vascular access devices, gauged the opportunity for a new access device intended for use with implanted infusion ports for chemotherapy administration.


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