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Our experience encompasses the following markets and associated product lines, along with the technologies that serve them:

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Medical Devices

Vascular access Endoscopy
Insulin pumps & infusion sets Extracorporeal blood processing
Implantable drug pumps Infection control
Tissue engineering Wound care
Surgical instruments and supplies Sterilization
Cardiac-assist devices Urinary implants
Bioresorbables Wound closure
Minimally invasive surgery Cochlear implants
Blood and fluid warming Pain management
Orthopedic fixation Spinal implants
Kidney dialysis Home drainage catheters
Infusion pumps Central venous catheters

Clinical Diagnostics and Monitoring

Molecular diagnostics Microfabrication
Infectious disease assays Cerebral oximetry
Noninvasive glucose monitoring Glucose monitoring
Respiratory diagnostics Immunoassay systems
Clinical chemistry systems Pulmonary function testing
Gas analysis Cardiac monitoring
Blood gases and electrolytes Hematology and coagulation testing
Pulse oximetry Laboratory information systems
Point-of-care testing Noninvasive monitoring
Patient monitors Diagnostic test strips
Hemoglobin spectrophotometry Multiplex assay systems

Medical Imaging and Informatics

PACS & RIS Image management
Contrast-enhanced CT Endoscopic imaging
CMOS image sensors Image-guided biopsy
Clinical information systems Telemedicine
Ultrasound imaging Radiography
Arrythmia monitoring Digital radiography
Optical cancer detection Molecular imaging
Vascular-plaque imaging  

Healthcare and Drug Discovery

DNA microarrays Bioprocessing
Drug delivery Drug discovery methodologies
Obesity drugs Biopharmaceutical filtration
Disease management High-throughput screening
Anticoagulant and thrombolytic drugs Protein microarrays
Ophthalmic laser surgery Congestive heart failure therapies
Life science research reagents  

Laboratory Automation and Equipment

Automated microbiology Centrifuges
DNA blot imaging Biological safety cabinets
Microfluidics (lab-on-a-chip) Robotics
Pulsed-field electrophoresis Liquid handling
Sample concentrators Microplate readers
Combinatorial chemistry Microarray scanners
Single-molecule DNA sequencing Clinical data management

Analytical Instrumentation

Biochemical sensors Filtration and absorbent media
Breath testing Near-infrared spectroscopy
Enzymatic temperature monitoring Spectrophotometry
Liquid chromatography Dairy product analysis
Food safety instrumentation Two-photon fluorometry
Magnetic separation Laser tweezers
Biomolecular detection  

Industrial Markets

Electronic publishing Consumer products
Electronic components Water analysis
Contract manufacturing Fluorescent lamp controls
Automotive products Building environmental controls
Process monitoring and controls Dust management
Chemicals and plastics Materials and metalworking

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