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Projects :: Due Diligence and Technology Assessment

  • Examined all therapeutic alternatives to the treatment of a certain class of peripheral vascular disease, providing baseline evidence of the clinical and economic potential of a target supplier's line of stents for this purpose; our client acquired the target supplier.
  • For a laboratory equipment supplier, conducted a due diligence investigation prior to the client?s acquisition of a private process-scale bioprocessing company, which was successfully concluded.
  • For a governmental business development agency, conducted three due diligence exercises on firms developing spinal, urinary and cochlear implants.
  • Assessed the technology, product positioning, and market potential of an emerging firm's two-photon fluorometry offerings as applied to microplate reading and microarray scanning for a major supplier of drug discovery tools.
  • As part of a comprehensive due diligence activity for a laboratory equipment supplier, assessed the product offerings and development portfolio of a target firm in the field of small-volume, automated liquid handling for life science research and drug discovery.
  • For a supplier of niche products used in orthopedic surgery, determined the technological and commercial positioning of resorbable products and technologies potentially useful in orthopedic fixation.
  • For a seed-stage venture capital firm, assessed the likelihood of technical success of a project underway at an emerging technology firm working on a noninvasive glucose-sensing system for diabetics.
  • For a prospective investor, conducted a second round of due diligence on an early stage venture offering a range of innovative spinal implants, including an intervertebral fusion device.


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