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Our clients are diverse, but they do share one characteristic: an abiding interest in growth. These clients, now numbering more than 50, can be categorized as follows:

Many are major players in their industries, companies including:
  These firms are often seeking to manage a transition -- acquiring, divesting, testing a new market, gauging the likely impact of a new product, considering a technology license, troubleshooting a floundering division, trying to outwit a major competitor, and the like.
Many are small firms -- startups seeking capital and/or experience, going concerns attempting to maintain a strong growth pace, lifestyle businesses looking to cautiously expand, healthy businesses stuck at a plateau, etc. Many of these firms have names you might not recognize.
Some are investors -- venture capitalists and investment bankers -- typically seeking an expert opinion that will influence an impending investment decision or fundraising activity.
A few are service providers: trade associations, quasi-government agencies and management consultants. Their needs vary, but they often seek special expertise not available internally. We are pleased to work with other service providers when we can make a difference and when our industrial clients are not compromised.

We never link a client's identity to the work done for that client, unless the client has specifically agreed in advance to serve as a reference on our behalf. While we are pleased to provide the names of client representatives as references, we first obtain their permission to do so in every instance.

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