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Our qualifications to provide executive counsel and directly support our clients in stimulating business growth derive from certain fundamental capabilities:

Product Commercialization

We are experienced in the new-product process, having commercialized more than 20 products. For Corning we developed their first commercially successful information management system for the hospital stat laboratory and their first microcomputer controlled pH/ion instrument for the research laboratory. For Ohmeda we introduced a line of OEM pulse oximetry products to fully exploit the mainframe patient monitoring market.

Investigation & Analysis

Developing information and analyzing it in the context of a client's problem is our stock in trade. We provide quick access to relevant data -- data on markets, technologies and companies -- through diligent primary and secondary research. And we have the experience and acumen to analyze, structure and present it in ways relevant to client needs. Our due diligence on a technology company targeted for acquisition revealed important deficiencies in their first product that would drastically limit its commercial potential. Our investigation of a major supplier of surgical products revealed fundamental vulnerabilities that could be, and eventually were, exploited by its arch competitor (our client) to build a new billion dollar business.


In today's business environment, achieving profitable growth by going it alone is all but impossible. Collaborations and alliances among firms are typically required to bring together all the competencies necessary for success. We understand the requirements, and we know how to identify qualified partners and how to bring companies together for mutual advantage. We structured a distribution arrangement between a young European biologicals firm and a medical products company with a direct sales force in the U.S. to capitalize on a $100 million market which neither could address independently. We identified several middle market acquisition candidates with strategically important product lines for consideration by a company preparing for an initial public offering.

Diversified Business Experience

Successful business development is grounded in certain general business principles that are not dependent upon organizational function or industry. Nevertheless, particular functional or industry expertise has practical value in achieving solutions to problems more quickly and cost-efficiently. We have direct experience in the functions of development, business development, marketing, strategic planning, research, and manufacturing. And we have dealt with many industries, including: clinical diagnostics, surgical devices, laboratory and process instruments, patient monitoring, electronics, biotechnology, life science laboratory equipment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, information systems, utilities and aerospace.

Leadership & Team Building

Our experience in building teams of people and leading them to achieve business objectives is based upon careers in industry with progressively increasing leadership responsibility. We have directed multi-disciplinary and inter-divisional teams and programs, managed departments ranging in size from one to 50 people, recruited technical professionals extensively, and built five groups from scratch. For Corning we relocated and staffed an R&D laboratory. For Battelle we built a group of enterprising engineers to market and execute analytical services for the defense industry.

Business Planning & Opportunity Discovery

Planning is a critical activity, as it is difficult to identify and seize growth opportunities without a strategic plan in effect. Many of our engagements involve a planning activity at some level, and we are often asked to seek out or assess opportunities. Our unusual blend of market- and technology-related skills often allows us to discover opportunities and threats where others fail. We have created and influenced numerous business plans. We identified numerous expansion opportunities for a surgical products firm in the emerging field of tissue engineering, then analyzed six of them in detail by means of expert physician panels to determine the best fits to client criteria. For a major imaging products firm we developed two partnering strategies to capitalize on market growth in minimally invasive, video-assisted surgery. We explored potential opportunities associated with drug discovery and clinical applications of DNA microarrays for a corporate R&D center offering a new technology to the field. For a laboratory products firm, we identified a capable supplier offering unique, complementary products -- a supplier that was ultimately acquired by our client.

Technology & Design Skills

We bring an engineering foundation to our practice, with principal technical skills in electronics, software, mechanics, man/machine interfaces, and systems engineering. We have prepared numerous detailed product specifications and contributed directly to the conceptual and detailed designs of more than 25 products. Our most important contribution to product design derives from our systems view and sensitivity to user needs and market acceptance.

Writing, Communications & Knowledge Management

The ability to bridge communications gaps among business people, technologists and users of products is a critical component of our practice. We have authored and published client reports, briefings, business plans, board presentations, market studies, product specifications, proposals, product brochures, technical papers, user manuals, offering memoranda and questionnaires. Our most frequent audiences are client representatives, prospective business partners, and investors. We also systematize the processes of acquiring, organizing, reporting and exploiting information within an enterprise, most often for the purpose of improving marketing and sales effectiveness.

Affiliations & Personal Contacts

We have developed and we maintain several affiliations and an extensive network of professional contacts representing industrial, commercial, healthcare, accounting, legal, investment, recruiting and consulting disciplines. These contacts are of great value in advancing partnering initiatives, accessing complementary and supplementary skills, and gaining access to capital.


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