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Projects :: Business Strategy and Planning

  • For an existing investor in a development-stage molecular diagnostics firm, conducted a detailed examination of prospective infectious-disease clinical diagnostics products based upon real-time PCR methods, their market potential, and the expected competitive environment to be faced by the company and its marketing partners.
  • Advised a young European diagnostics firm in positioning its multiplex immunoassay system for commercialization in the U.S. clinical laboratory market; reviewed product concepts in addressing infectious and autoimmune disease testing, reviewed plans for design control and manufacturing quality assurance, and provided detailed recommendations for least-burdensome courses of action to secure FDA regulatory clearance.
  • Conducted market and technology assessments for image-based mechanical analysis and indexing of vulnerable vascular plaque for an academic institution; identified available markets, assessed potential partners and competitors, and established commercialization requirements.
  • Formulated commercialization strategies for two, unrelated development-stage companies, each of which had developed technologies for ultra-sensitive biomolecular detection applicable to chemical/biological defense, life science R&D, industrial microbiology and clinical diagnostics markets.
  • An inventor sought to form a company to develop and commercialize a noninvasive technology that can predict and monitor the risk of sudden cardiac death. We were engaged to assess the opportunity presented by the technology and to develop a business plan that would support fundraising and product commercialization.
  • For a startup firm wishing to exploit a unique lab-on-a-chip technology comprised of miniaturized fluid transfer structures, automated analytical assays and integrated informatics, guided strategy development and provided executive counsel prior to the firm?s first round of venture capital financing. The client firm was later acquired by a multinational laboratory automation company, a result of sound execution of the strategy we recommended.
  • For a raw materials supplier, advised on market entry strategies, product positioning and pricing of a new wound care substrate with antibacterial properties.
  • Reconciled differences in business performance between European and U.S. organizations, then recommended strategies to exploit the differences, for a maker of specialty papers and laboratory filtration products.


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